Monday, July 25, 2005

cat dropping

it's not what you think, it's worst...

"In May this year, television viewers watching Hainan based Travel Star TV were surprised to see the presenter suddenly announce a little experiment.

Curious about whether cats 'always land on their feet,' the camera suddenly swung up the side of a building to where a cat was dangling from the arms of an assistant.

Releasing the hapless feline, the camera follows it on its descent before tailing off near the ground, apparently, as producers later reassured angry viewers, so as not to show the airbag thoughtfully prepared to cushion the cat's fall."

where human life is cheap, what do you expect for animal welfare. there are "safari parks" where patrons can buy live chickens and rabbits to be torn apart by tigers...nuff said...

but there may be hope yet:
"Now it was a call to arms. Chat rooms for animal lovers were abuzz with indignation, the television company was inundated with complaints and even animal NGOs had to man the phones as disgusted viewers called anyone who might be able to help."


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