Saturday, July 09, 2005

friday dinner cookout

Friday night, no mood to eat out. Hit the supermarket to load up on veggies, sausage and meat. Robina cooked Sally’s dinner while I prepared and cooked ours!
Sally's dinner in the pot
Got some beef for Sally’s meals coming week (last week’s menu was chicken with barley and rice). I cut up the meat and veggies (carrots and leafy bak choy). Robina cooked the stuff and added a few red dates for flavour and Vitamins. Robina usually cook enough food to last Sally for about one week. She separates daily rations into tupperwares. For Sally’s dinner Robina will just zap the portion, add rice and supplements (EPO or Velcoat) – Sally’s food is usually more healthy than ours: no salt!

Sally chomping her dinner
While Robina is cooking the dog’s chow, I chopped up more veggies (zucchini, lettuce, onions, shallots, garlic, carrots and mushrooms). The veggies went into the pot with chicken stock. Added beef slices, spicy Italian sausages and home-made Kimchi (thanks to June!)

What Robina and I had for dinner: Kimchi & italian sausage stew

After dinner, I went back to the kitchen to marinade the lamb for dinner tomorrow. Will roast the rack of lamb and leg of lamb (boneless). It’s just a simple marinade with curry powder, olive oil and lemon juices. I will make a vegetable stew to go along.


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eh Sally's dinner looks good man.


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