Sunday, July 10, 2005

farmstay restaurant

Went down to Yanqing on the outskirts of Beijing to check out a friend's farm-style restaurant. It's one of those popular weekend outing venues that Beijingers like to go to. you can fish, BBQ, pick fruits or vegetables and stay overnight. once you're outside of Beijing city, the surrounding countryside offer fresh air and wide panoramic views. There you can see the nearby Yanshan mountains and the Badaling Greatwall. I've been to several of such "Nong Jia" (farmstay) places but this place was quite nice since it's a working fish and vegetable farms. the kitchen prepares food from their own fresh produce like wild herbs, cucumbers, eggplants. the food is simple but nice, especially the fresh fish!There's two ponds stocking fish fry and growing fish, while one pond is for angling. the water was teeming with fish at feeding time!
Like on many farms (and in kampongs back home), there are a few pariah dogs were roped in for guard duty (like Ah Hua here), quite friendly mongrels! but there was one huge German Sheperd near the fishing pond that was big, fierce and barking its head off(apparently the only one doing its job).


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