Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Star sighting (and a brat sighting as well)

I just finished dinner with Robina at Scene Cafe, China World Hotel. as we were strolling out I spotted Chen Daoming outside the cafe. He was speaking on his mobile. I thot he looked much younger than I expected. too bad no camera, but I don wan to be like paparazzi...

For those not familiar with Chen, he's the A-list male lead (both movies and TV serials) in China. more often than not, Chen portrays emperors and strong characters. I admired his tour de force performance in Kangxi Dynasty (a CCTV serial) when he played the great Qing monarch. He was also in Zhang Yimou's "Hero" as the King of Qin. He was in the Hong Kong movie, Infernal Affairs 3.

now to the brat. earlier at the buffet dinner, we were horrified by the best display of brat behaviour we had ever seen, anywhere. this chinese kid was hanging around the dessert table. There was chocolate fondue and ice cream. The brat used a bamboo skewer for the fondue fruits pieces, stabbed into the liquid choc stream, licked off the chocolate and then stabbed it in again (a bit like chimps fishing for termites in nature docus, but I wasn't amused). eeeewwww!!!??

to top that off, the brat sampled the ice cream toppings using the spoons provided and stick the spoons back. only then did the serving staff spotted him and warded him off. the vile cretin did not give up and returned to contaminate the fondue again. Robina and I watched in horrified amazement. Luckily Robina had tried the fondue already! We couldn't stand it anymore and complained to the senior staff.

sorry, no pics of the brat! otherwise can put up wanted posters.


At 11:47 PM, Blogger Monkey said...

double dipping in a shared buffet dish!!!!! EWWWWW GROSS!!!


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