Thursday, April 07, 2005

wait I slap chu with slipper?

Robina had a run-in with a fat b**stard this afternoon when she was out shopping with her kakis. They were in a shop trying on slippers, a rude bugger tried to barge his way thru and was about to shove Robina and her frens aside. After close to one year in China, Robina's fuse has been trimmed to almost non-existent, short-fused is an understatement! Since she was trying on slipper, she slapped the bugger on the leg with a slipper and told him off "Who u think u are, we are also customers!" Surprisingly, the big-sized guy backed off and went away pretending he did not hear Robina's scolding. Her friends who were shocked at first, recovered enuff to laugh at the guy.

Incidences of rudeness are common place here. u get elbowed or shoved aside routinely or discover that queues mean that who gets to the front first gets served! after a while, u learnt to stand up for yourself or get nowhere. over here the meek will not inherit the earth! even my friends who visited Beijing or China became "localised" within a week, i.e. they learn to push back! very often the miscreant will back off when confronted.


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