Saturday, April 23, 2005

roast leg of lamb part deux

the experiment turned out quite successful, I must say. Robina was getting quite hungry partly because she only had a sandwich for lunch and partly due to the aroma wafting from the oven.

I used a sweet German white wine, half the bottle went into the roasting pan to braise the veges (mushroom, fennel bulbs, onions, garlic, shallots and potatoes). the lamb was roasting above the pan which collects the choice juices from the roast. I modified the recipe (from Sylvia Tan, ST) somewhat and varied the cooking time (240C for 20 mins, then 200-190C for about 45mins) using "agaration". turns out the estimate was just about right, the meat was well cooked, although I personally prefer slightly pinkish roast.

u can see the garlic amongst the well-done lamb.

I used the trick learnt from Oi Yee and made deep cuts in the lamb and stuffed in slivers of sliced garlic. the marinade was very simple, just salt and pepper with mixed herbs and drizzled with olive oil, all nicely massaged into the lamb. the whole package went into the frig for a few hours before cooking. just before stuffing the lamb into the oven, I covered the lamb leg with pieces of bacon.

the braised vegetables and gravy went very well with the lamb, together with the chilled white wine. Robina and I polished off a significant amount of the lamb, probably would not have much left-overs for tomorrow. Sally also benefited since she was shamelessly begging Robina for supper; so Sally had a treat of lamb and rice, plus I saved the thigh bone for her to gnaw on.


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