Monday, December 29, 2008

happy birthday Sally!

well sort of, since it should be more accurately termed as "adoption or come-n-join-us day". we adopted Sally from a volunteer animal welfare group in Taipei on 29 Dec 2001. they promote adoption of cats and dogs at the weekend flower market near where we stayed. we always make it a point to play with the puppies whenever we visit the weekend market. Robina and I could not resist that charcoal black puppy with big brown eyes that looked quite different from the other adorable mongrel puppies.

from what we guestimated, Sally should be born around end of Oct 2001. but it was much easier to remember 29 Dec. we were told by the animal welfare group that Sally was found with her litter mates abandoned near the highway to the airport in Taoyuan. She was literally a mangy mutt since she got a bad case of sarcoptic mange and tummy worms. It took months of vet visits and medication to get rid of her unwanted guests.

today we celebrate Sally spending 7 years with us. Sally got a bath, followed by a thorough combing (which she thoroughly detest) and blow dry by Robina. later she will get fresh lamb (from the soup we are cooking) for dinner.

here's Sally smelling nice and looking presentable after her bath and grooming session.


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