Tuesday, February 13, 2007

hunt for Götheborg DVD

Robina and I spotted China's CCTV9 English channel broadcasting a documentary series on Götheborg's sinking, rebuilding and voyage to China (you can try watching the clips on wmv). I went online to search for the the DVDs of this docu. CCTV produces a wide-range of docus on archaelogy, culture and history. After airing on TV, the docus are usually released as DVDs. I found the Götheborg DVD on the CCTV online sales website. However, they don have the full 11-parter only the first 2 episodes on the sinking of the ship in 1745 and the rebuilding process. the DVD was only in Mandarin and no subtitles.

the sales staff was quite helpful (surprising for China service standards) and told me how to find their office. I popped down to their office one day and bought the DVD at a discounted price of RMB18 (only S$4.5).
returning home, I checked the DVD's quality. Robina commented that the DVD picture quality was lousy compared to the docu we saw on TV. but that's what you get for $4.5! Luckily (for Siva n Airani), the interviews with the SOIC staff and crew were in English. they describe the rebuilding process like the wood they use for the keel and masts, which I thought was the most interesting parts. you will be able to spot a very pale (before the voyage) Lars the Bosun, whom we met on board Götheborg in Singapore. Lars looked suspiciously like Ryan Giggs, I must say...


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