Monday, January 29, 2007

the day my iBook died

my G3 iBook has kicked the bucket. it has been wonky since end of 06. and the timing was right after the Applecare expired in Sep. the self-destruct must have been timed to kick in after 3 yrs. the iBook gasped on for a month or so after I zap the PRAM and start up using single user mode etc. but it finally died over this weekend. it died half way when I tried to reinstall OS X as a desperate attempt. will send in to Apple authorised repair to see if can salvage, luckily examination only cost RMB85 (S$17). but since it's prob the hard disk that died, it might cost a lot more than in S'pore to replace the hard disk.

thankfully I backed up all my files and photos after I bought the external hard disk when we came back to Singapore in Dec. have to dust of my clamshell iBook for the interim period. it's slow but lasted forever. they don make Macs like they used to...

might be forced to buy a new MacBook even tho I don like it that much...


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