Monday, July 10, 2006

RTU from Mongolia

just reached home from mongolia (inner not outer). after one night of no showers and using the latrine (we actually prefer a clump of bushes in the grassland), a hot shower and flush toilet seemed like an luxury.

Robina enjoyed the riding a lot especially after the herdsmen gave her a really responsive horse. she rounded off two days of riding with an assisted gallop. my horse was raring to go so that I had to fight him all the way, reining back. my left arm was trembling when I got off the horse.

the weather was wonky on the first evening pn the grassland with gusty winds and slight drizzles. it rained heavily at night, but we were sound asleep in the yurt.

we wandered around gawking at the horses, cows, sheep and dogs like a bunch of city slickers that we are. I observed a herdsmen uncle slaughter a sheep, together with a bunch of Danes in our group. mongolian-style butchering was quite different from muslim way of slitting the animal's throat (more graphic pics later).

Robina helped the mongolian lady shear and "plucked" a sheep. she also held a baby billy goat (cute little bugger!). we befriended the local dogs, a bunch of push overs that we bought over with food offerings.


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