Friday, June 23, 2006

intense soccer weekend

this weekend would be an intense soccer feista with the last of the group matches (Korean Kimchi vs Swiss choc) and the beginning of the delicious second round matches (esp England vs Ecuador).

I was able to watch the titanic struggles of US vs Ghana and Italy vs Czech. thanks to CCTV 2 and CCTV5, I was able to catch the two matches back-to-back since all 4 teams' fates were intertwined. It was poignant to see Petr Cech being rounded by Inzaghi, the final nail into Czech's advancement hopes. But their dreams were oredi crush by Ghana when they defeated the talented Czech team 2-0. I hope to see Ghana go far, but they are up against mighty Brazil in the second round, but I feel that gutsy Ghana will give Brazil a run for their money.

but first must wake up at 3am for the Korea Swiss match.


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