Saturday, May 06, 2006

voting in Beijing

Robina and I went down to vote at the Singapore embassy. this will be her first ever election since her parents' place was in Queenstown and therefore in Tangjong Pagar GRC. here's Robina and her polling letter.

this is also the first time overseas voting is allowed for Singaporeans based abroad. however, some S'pore frens based here complained that there are still some restrictions. hopefully, by the next GE these would be relaxed even further to allow more S'pore expats to exercise both their legal obligation and democratic rights.after voting, Robina was asked by a friendly security guard (Chinese) if it was difficult to vote (errr...btw no voting here in China hor...). Robina replied that it was easy, just make a cross and drop in the voting slip. I guess voting itself is easy but it's more difficult to make the decision whether if you are thinking of lifts stopping on every floor or a broader issue of having a "balance in the force"...

after the hectic and exciting campaign (by Singapore standards), I will remember this as a GE of apologies. first, PAP demanding JG to apologise and account for the "FORM" incident; then PM apologising for the "fix" remarks and Irene Ng not apologising for the alleged "trouble maker" remarks. as the bak chor mee seller says: say sorry also must explain!

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