Saturday, May 13, 2006

toro tuna

We struck gold at Taipei's Breeze Centre supermarket, which we knew always had excellent and fresh sushi and sashimi. The moment we stepped in we saw a huge crowd. It was the start of blufin tuna season and the supemarket had brought in a whole tuna. the staff was busy carving up and slicing the fish for sashimi and sushi.
During the summer months, tuna would be in season in Taiwan. caught off the sea off Taiwan and the Philippines, the bluefin tuna we get here is very fresh compared to even the fish exported to Japan. Robina and I used to love having fresh maguro (tuna in Japanese) during summer in Taipei. for the same few slices, we would have to pay at least S$50 back in Singapore. While the crowd queued up for free samples, I quickly chosed a slices of bright red tuna and asked the chef to slice it up for sashimi. the chef told us that the tuna was so fresh that we did not need soya sauce or wasabi.
Later when the crowd subsided, the supervisor told us that they sliced up half the carcass and the rest of the fish would be sold tomorrow. Robina and I quaffed down the maguro slices in no time at all. it was deliciously heavenly! the fish was melt-in-your-mouth tender and sweet. it was the colour of fresh steak. We decided to come back on Monday to buy more tuna, after checking with the staff that there would be more bluefin tuna in stock


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