Thursday, May 04, 2006

more yunnan food

can't seem to get enuff of Yunnan food recently. a Singaporean fren suggested dinner at a popular Yunnan restaurant along Kui Street. the english name of the restuarant is "Food in a Novel"; at least it's not "food in a hovel". the chinese name is "border town", totally unrelated to the english name! this happens all the time here in Beijing...

apart from usual steam pot chicken soup and guoqiao mixian, we tried a few interesting dishes; like this starter dish which is deep-fried cheese with a plum sauce dip.
deep-fried rose petals in a tempura-like batter, plus fresh rose petals with slivers of srping onion. interesting...
stir-fried boletus fungus with chilli-peppers (not spicy ones)
this packs a spicy punch but went well with beer. its actually very dry beef that's almost like beef floss with chilli.


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