Friday, May 05, 2006

Korean cold noodles

had a simple lunch at local joint in a scruffy alley just 50m behind the CBD mainroad. I could see that it was a busy place with many blue-collar and office workers. should be "safe" enuff, I thot.

everyone was ordering the Yanji cold noodles, which I liked as well. Yanji is in northeast China bordering North Korea. the cold noodle dish is influenced by a similar korean dish since there are many ethnic Koreans in northeast China. the light kimchi broth is ice cold and very pleasant in a hot summer day. the dish is also refreshing with cucumber slices, a slice of crunchy pear, kimchi, and half a hard-boiled egg and quail eggs.strangely (to me), everyone was ordering "yangrou chuan" or lamb kebabs (like our satay). the mutton is doused with chilli flakes and cumin seeds. the contrasts in temperatures, texture and flavours are quite interesting! noodles and chuan came to RMB12 (about S$2.40) only.


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