Monday, February 06, 2006

snowy Beijing

this morning Beijing received its first decent snowfall this winter. before this, we only got a light dusting on one occasion! this even more pathetic than last winter. since 7am, the accumulated snow was about 2 inches.
I brought Sally to run in the garden when I came home during lunch break. Sally ran round n round in the snow much to the delight of the kids in the nursery school who were watching her from the window.
Sally stepping in about two inch of snow.
her four pudgy paws were off the ground!
unleashed, she was sprinting down the garden bushes with her ears flying...
taking a breather while she sniffed around. her muzzle and nose was specked with snow.
more crazy dog impression by sprinting again...
She played so long in the snow that there were lumps of ice in her fur from the snow that melted and re-froze. but clearly she enjoyed the romp in the snow since she got quite a thick coat of fur by now!


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