Sunday, February 12, 2006

frozen Hou Hai

We went down on Saturday to Hou Hai hoping to "play" on the ice. The lakes would be frozen in winter and Beijingers would "frolick" on the ice, by skating or just strolling. But as the Spring temperature was rising to above zero during the day, warning leaflets told people to stay off the ice since it might thaw one of these days.
but most Beijingers are as bochap as Singaporeans (maybe even worst!). We spotted quite a number of people on the ice. As kiasi Singaporeans, we made sure due diligence was done by making sure no one has fallen thru the thin ice. We clamber down to the ice to join in the fun!
it was quite chilly on the ice since the breeze was even colder. but before u knew it, some security guys showed up and herded people off the ice. I guess all the people was playing hide-n-seek with the security.
one more snapshot for Robina before we evacuate.
can't resist snapping a shot of this adorable puppy. He has short stubby legs like Sally!


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