Sunday, February 12, 2006

14th night

Saturday evening was the 14th night of CNY. we went to a fren's place to let off all our fireworks since the next day would be the last day of the legal period.
Robina went all out vent her pyromaniac and arsonist tendencies. enough to last for the rest of the year.
I think most Singaporeans (like our frens here) have this repressed tendencies, just like our Beijinger frens.
We braved the freezing cold until our face and fingers were numbed, as the rest of Beijing was lit up around us.
in the end, we just lined up the fireworks and blasted them off. the bigger ones were really beautiful and shot up real high. sorry, no pics of those since I was busy lighting them.
in this clip, we were diving for cover since the firecrakers were the spinning and screaming kind.
sorry, that this clip is horizontal. u may have to tilt your head or your laptop :-P I asked Siva to rotate it using iMovie; the clip was alright but became horizontal again after I loaded it on YouTube. must be some gremlin along the way. apparently the problem of horizontal movie clips was quite common when I searched video forums on the web.


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