Tuesday, January 31, 2006

house-warming and "live" fireworks

Boon Peng and Joyce invited us to their house-warming. the food prepared by Joyce, their house guest and Ayi was delicious, especially the chicken curry, thai green curry and fried bee hoon. We had chinese tea and took turns carrying the cute and adorable baby Jovine. After the shiok makan, we gathered for "black-jack" with just friendly wagers. but it was a fun game with lots of screams and laughter!
the highlight of the evening was a fireworks display right from the garden downstairs. Everyone gathered in front of the living room window to get a better view. We hastened the guys down below to reload more ammo for more pyrotechnic displays.
the more powerful shots exploded right at our eye-level at the 27th floor. I managed to capture a video clip with my Canon Ixus.


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