Thursday, July 28, 2005

return from shopping expedition

Robina returned to Beijing on Tuesday night. she was quite tired after her 10-day trip to Taipei and Hong Kong. it seems to be a moderate level of shopping judging from her plunder. she bought more stuff for me than for herself!

let's see, she bought more from Esprit in HK, T-shirts, sporty track pants and a bag. Assorted facial products from La Mer, apparently a near-miraculous line of product (with breath-taking prices!).

Signed CD-folders by FIR and Wang Li Hom. Robina managed to meet and take pictures with the pop stars at a Nokia publicity event.

the Harry Potter book from Taipei bookshop.

For me: Motorola Razr V3, blue tooth-ear piece, shirts and ties, Mount Blanc money clip and tie clip.

Sally also got a present: a squeaky toy that makes noises whenever it's shaken or moved. She went berserk trying to "kill" the toy until it was gross with her saliva!

more pics to be loaded from her trip itself!


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