Sunday, June 19, 2005

Six-legged Puppy

ain't it cute!

According to the Star, a puppy were left at a temple near Port Klang, Malaysia. another case of pet abandonment? the catch is that the puppy has an extra pair of legs and a second penis (this reminded me of the three-eyed fish in an episode of Simpsons...).

However, the unusual dog would probably have a good life at the temple. Already, devotees felt that it was a bearer of good fortune and named the puppy Ong Fatt (Lucky One). Knowing the Chinese people, devotees would probably start praying to the dog for 4D numbers and good luck! Chinese in Singapore and Malaysia like to name their dogs with auspicious names like "wang cai" or "lai fu"(totally unrelated but Indiana Jones was named after the family dog).

apart from the additional anatomical equipment, this sounded like Sally's story. From the animal welfare group and vet that took care of Sally before we adopted her in Taipei, we heard that Sally and her litter-mates were found near the airport in Taoyuan, along the highway. Later we heard that local Taiwanese believed that black dogs with white feet, "ta xue" (or stepping on snow) were unlucky. Sally has white fur on her feet, white tail tip and a white collar around her neck; she was jet black when she was a puupy. anyway, Robina and I were not "pan tang" (superstitious) and Sally was too adorable anyways...


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