Wednesday, June 22, 2005

hot, hot, hot...

Beijing has been like a blast furnace since Monday; temperatures were like from 38 to 39C! worse still it felt as humid as Singapore even though humidity was still low enuff. even Robina was feeling lethargic from the heat.

finally realized why it has been so hot. today is summer solstice, the longest "day" of the year, therefore most sunshine! panas!

The hot weather made my appetite disappear (well almost...). went to check out this India restaurant, Indian Kitchen. food should be authentic since the place was frequented by staff from the Indian embassy.

yippee! they got thosai! the manager was happy to claim it was the only place in Beijing that has thosai! well, egg thosai was like S$5! but, no choice what. ordered lassi, muteer paneer (cottage cheese with green peas), chicken kurma, mutton briyani and egg thosai, washed down with marsala tea. verdict: not too bad (but can't compare to Mumtaz Mahal at Far East Plaza). complain: no papadam, only some crispy doughy thingee.

even the monkeys at Beijing zoo also cannot tahan!


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