Saturday, June 18, 2005

BeiMac meetup

finally made it to my first BeiMac meetup in Beijing! it was held at a pub (Touch Bar) in Houhai (somewhat like our Boat Quay). the place was relatively quiet even on a Saturday and our gathering was at a quiet corner of the pub; best of all, the place had wireless access!

about 17 Mac users showed up, the majority being Chinese users with a few expats. Met a fellow Singaporean, Kheng Siong (he's a mechanical engineer); Emma Gon Wong from Mexico, she's learning Chinese language in Beijing; Peter from New Zealand, he's with Word Perfect Market Consultants. Mr Han Song is a Mac retailer (everyone was glad to meet him!). Joanne Cheng is a film producer. Wen Liang and Shen Han Wei, nice to meet you too!

Emma told us about her G4 Powerbook not "waking" up from Sleep mode, I directed her to MacFixit since I recalled hearing about these problems. Peter's Mac has died recently but has problems with his warranty not being valid outside New Zealand.

I did my part by telling the people about our Mac meetup in Singapore and promoted Firefox since I saw most people using Safari. Did a spot of tourism promotion when Joanne asked about Singapore beaches ("e" not "i"!), I googled Sentosa beaches and showed her the pics.

David Feng and Allan Yong made excellent presentations on Tiger, widgets, spotlight etc. Beimac is well organised. Formed in 2002, they had about 30 meetings since then! They are now planning training sessions in July and a Playlist competition in August (where u can be the DJ on iPod).


At 4:04 PM, Blogger Emma Gon said...

Just one simple issue, my computer is not a PowerBook it is a ibook G4.

Great blog you have! A lot of useful info!


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