Wednesday, April 20, 2005

whirling saw of death!

fellow bio grad and cycling kaki, Mark Chan posted a whince-inducing account of his cast-removal experience, thanks to a hairline fracture on his arm. although not quite the Texas chainsaw massacre, the image of the nurse with the spinning saw was scary enough! the traumatic experience had cancelled off the joys of skipping work and drinking free IKEA coffee.

excerpt: "When the nurse switched the thing on, it made a loud whirring sound, louder than your industrial vacuum cleaner. She brought it close. That's when I saw a metallic blur that was the moving saw blade. Uncontrollably, I let out a pained cry, "Oh my!!" Then the nurse smiled & told me to relax. Then she switched off the thing to show me the blade. And those teeth!! How to relax?? "

apparently others in the UK were not as lucky as Mark who got away without a scratch.


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