Sunday, April 17, 2005

charity bazaar

This saturday afternoon, we helped out at the international charity bazaar where various embassies put up booths selling their food specialties and handicrafts. Robina helped to man the Singapore booth. we were selling distinctively Singapore products like bak kwa, chicken and pork floss, breadtalk buns, sambal chilli and Tiger beer!

Robina discovered that she has potential as a "Tiger Beer" lady. This African chap came by several times to buy beer from her. it was only later that she discovered that she had unintentionally over-charged the guy :-)

We also went around sampling the many delicious food put up by many countries. I loved the lamb kebab from Iran. it was tender and nicely spiced. the fruits sold by Thailand was a crowd puller. apart from durian, Robina bought four packs of mangosteens which was super sweet when we tried some at home. I bought a bottle of German wine and had a nice chat with a Chinese muslim lady who specialised in islamic calligraphy.

our Singaporean friends also came by to visit the bazaar. A bunch of Singapore students visited the stall to load up on bak kwa and bak kut teh spices. in the end, our Singapore staff had caught with the "business" bug. we enjoyed the buying and selling process and talking to many people from various countries and Chinese people who flocked to the bazaar.


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