Friday, January 16, 2004

Did you win a Larry Jewelry voucher?

my fren Anand Balan just emailed me and told me that he spotted a "Alvin Wong" in the lucky draw winners list he saw in yesterday's New Paper. he asked me whether that's me. even noted that NRIC number was starts with "69": i.e. my year.

yes, it's me. the Larry's sales guy happily called me to inform me of my "lucky strike". I bought a xmas gift for Robina from them. He had told me that the 1st prize was a $10K rock. but alas it was not to be. only $800 voucher! so it's just another invitation to spend more $$

back to our fren. Anand has this uncanny ability to pop up eveywhere. Various frens and myself have spotted Anand in various locations and occasions. He's like "Where's Wally". or the black-backed jackal that u spot in ANY african wildlife documentary. next time watch carefully, the lions might be tearing apart a wildebeest in the centerstage, but there will be a jackal nonchalantly sauntering past in one corner.

once when taking the NEL at Little India station. going down the escalator, I saw this Singtel advertising board about their phone card. one of the mamas featured in the ad looked exactly like Anand. I even told Robina who was with me. the fella had the same wild-eyed look :-) this was later confirmed by the man himself. check out that ad at Little India, the next time u'r there. look for the guy holding the phone. that's Anand!

it turns out that he's also the fren of my colleague's wife. Anand is very pervasive and he apparently scans lucky draw name lists :-P


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