Sunday, January 25, 2004

CNY Open House I

this is the 1st CNY since we moved into our Punggol flat. we decided to invite our frens over to see our new place plus have CNY gatherings to yabber over food and good company. to avoid slogging till both of us drop, we also planned to spread out the sessions over two weekends.

this afternoon, we kicked off the 1st makan gathering with my colleagues. next week will be mainly slackeroos plus Robina's and my classmates. for this session I ordered bihun goreng and curry puffs from Airani's aunty. we enjoyed Aunty Kamariah's curry puffs for the New Year gatherings at HV. the recent NY gathering, I must have stuffed myself with at least 10 curry puffs at one go! needless to say, the curry puffs received rave reviews. due to a surplus of curry puffs, we have to ask our frens to bungkus some back. there were little resistance :-)

Sally also had a fun time. she was excited to see so many people visiting. more promising was the prospects of scavenging and begging for food and goodies.


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