Thursday, January 15, 2004

Battle Star Galactica resurrected

those who are not a child of the 70s will probably have no recollection of BSG. in 1978 it was the biggest Scifi series on TV. this was just after Star Wars in 1977. its rousing theme gave John William's SW theme a run for its money. rather than a cheesy rip-off from SW (it isn't), the original BSG series gathered its own set of rabid fans. but sadly, the series was canned after 15 episodes. fans still recalled fondly characters like Commander Adama (the stern and serious father figure played by Lorne Greene), Apollo (Richard Hatch) and the cigar-chomping, MCP, rogue ladies' man Starbuck (Dirk Benedict).

the new BSG series, just started in Dec 2003 in the US has some controversial new changes. Starbuck is now a female character. Lt Boomer, originally a Black male character is now a Korean female. Plus a new female humanoid Cylon cyborg, Number 6 (like 7 of 9 from ST:Voyager?). does that mean no more shining metallic Cylon enemies with glowing "eyes"?


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