Tuesday, February 17, 2009

first snow of winter

it started snowing early this morning but by mid day the snow had stopped and everything melted before long. but thankfully it snowed again in the evening and this time it was heavier. Robina and I brought Sally down to the garden after I got home. you can see the snow flakes floating down!

the garden was blanketed by about one inch of snow. it was pristine since no one had stepped on it.

Sally ran around the snow and left her tracks behind

Robina wore her warm woolly hat that she bought from Kashgar Xinjiang. hopefully it will snow throughout the night and we will have a thicker layer by tomorrow morning!

Update: Apparently, the snow was "induced"...

Monday, February 09, 2009

TVCC Building on fire!

Robina and I were leaving a Chap Ngo Meh (15th night of the Chinese New Year 元宵) gathering when we heard that the iconic CCTV building was on fire! On the way back, traffic was diverted away from 3rd Ring Road (CCTV located just on the side) and had to take the 4th Ring. our apartment is quite near the CCTV building. nearing the building, we thought it was reflection of flames on the building (we thought all along that ONE room or something like that was on fire). we spotted people stopping their cars on fly-overs to watch the spectacle and pedestrians running towards the site.

back in our apartment, we headed quickly to the guest room which overlook the CCTV building, we had a clear view of the scene. it was the TVCC part (also designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas) of the CCTV Building complex that was aflame! it was a towering inferno with tongues of flame flicking out and debris falling off.

at the moment, the fire appeared to be under control. the building is smoldering and no more flames bursting out. I bet next year, there will be no more fireworks and fireworks allowed within Beijing city limits any more! Hope everyone had their gunpowder fix this year...

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