Friday, August 15, 2008

Table tennis wonders!

I managed to catch our women's table tennis semi-finals against South Korea at Peking University Gymnasium. this was my first Olympics event! even caught a glimpse of Li Jiawei getting ready behind the scenes inside the stadium.

the series of matches were very exciting and nail biting, especially Li Jia Wei's first singles (which she lost). Her Korean opponent Kim Kyung-ah was very skillful and used a series of spins and drop shots to frustrate Jia Wei into making mistakes.

Singapore's doubles match was much better when Jia Wei and Wang Yuegu made a clean sweep in 3-0

this semi is crucial since Singapore will be guaranteed a medal (at least silver) if they win. If not, then it's a gruelling round robin play off for the bronze!

Our supporters made up for their small numbers with their high spirits. They bested the Korean supporters in cheering (which was quite unusual for Koreans since they are usually very well-organised).

I had to leave earlier and it was even more nerve wracking to receive SMS updates from my frens about the last match. Thankfully Feng Tianwei finished the job and won! this meant that Singapore finally win an Olympic medal after 48 long years!

now we are planning a TV party on Sunday evening to watch the table tennis finals. Even though China is in a separate class, you never know when you playing without pressure!

Update: FM George Yeo on the table tennis team
ST blog's blow-by-blow account of the table tennis semi-finals


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