Sunday, August 17, 2008

silver medal after 48 years!

just came back from TV party organised by embassy to support our women's team in the table tennis team finals. it was a raucous n cheerful gathering with about 200 Singaporeans with families and kids in tow. CNA and omy sg film crews were there. you might see us on TV news later.
a group of young SG students studying in BJ provided the energy for loud cheers! results was not unexpected. even the most partisan SG supporter did not expect a victory against the mighty Chinese (world no.1 & 2). most of us just hoped to win one match for pride. in the end, a silver medal was just as sweet after a long wait of 48 years!
it was a proud and emotional moment to see our national flag rising (with PRC and ROK flags)! majullah Singapura!now I'm drinking hot honey and citron cos my throat is hoarse from all the cheering! :-)


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Hi Robina! I can't across this blog when I goggled on taipei. Am xuanxuan who was in the same lab as you during ur phd (me undergrad then lah...class mate of lay hua's) how r you? what's ur contacts? mine is

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