Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympic Games Village

visited the Games Village today. It was a wonderful feeling to be amongst so many athletes from so many countries. plus learn to recognise so many flags and wonder why Indonesia and Monaco have exactly the same flag?

it was great to spot our Singapore flag in the village. I had to wait for the right moment for our flag to flutter in the gentle breeze.

the huge dining hall (about the size of 5-6 army camp dining halls) is the centre of activity. we spotted so many athletes that after a while, it was like a human zoo. As a biologist (and birder) I quickly differentiate the body types and physiques associated with various sports. The volleyball players are so tall! the weightlifters are stocky and powerfully built. the sprinters from the Caribbean are like gazelles.
all those high metab need to be fuel by burning calories. plenty of good food here to supply that
and after they kena knocked out of their events they can seek solace and comfort in fast food.


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