Sunday, June 29, 2008

Robina's Shanghai loot

Robina was in Shanghai for a few days of shopping. Sally can be seen here mopping on the carpet by the front door waiting for Robina. Sally spends most of the time like this when Robina is away.
Due to popular demand (actually only from Peck Wai), here's Robina's loot all spread out. She tailored 3 qi pao (cheongsam) in Shanghai. The materials, workmanship and service is much better than in Beijing. plus more dresses, 3 Paul Frank (monkey face) T-shirts, assorted shoes, bags, belts, umbrellas, and 3 dry fit UniGlo T-shirts for me!
3 qi pao, (from left) RMB1500 (about SGD300) in kimono material, RMB600 (embroidered material) and RMB 400 (short qi pao top).
Kimono material qipao in traditional Shanghainese style with high collar and buttons down the side.
Close up of collar. you can see the fine workmanship from the trimming with 3 colours/materials and the buttons.
here's to show the Khotan carpet we bought from Kashgar, Xinjiang. we put it right in front of our bed.


At 10:42 AM, Blogger Jen said...

woah...... that's a very very very well made Kimono material cheong sum!!

from the well spare out coverage of your loot, it looks like they all fit into a small luggage bag comfortably... that's not the Robina shopping standard that I know... shouldn't there be MORE loot? hee hee....


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