Saturday, May 17, 2008

Jeremey's early birthday celebrations in Beijing

Jeremey was in Beijing this week so Sherry, Malcolm and Robina gave him an early birthday celebration at Beijing Hooters!
As it was raining, Jeremey caught a ride with his boss and was 30 mins early, where he promptly "upset" the hooter gals by playing his PSP while they dance and sing. So he was blamed for all the subsequent bad service at Hooters...

Anyway, this was Robina's second visit to Beijing Hooters (and first time for dinner) and her impression...
Beijing Hooters:
Rude and Poor Service, VERY LOUD Music, A Hooter gal that either don't smile or have a "strange" smile, funny dancing, repertoire of kiddy songs (this was according to Sherry since Robina could not understand some of the songs), and for some reason... excellent chocolate mouse cake!!

Overall, a strange experience. As usual, the best entertainment is still provided by Jeremey by being himself!


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