Saturday, May 24, 2008

Canadian charity ball

Robina and I attended the Canadian Ball this evening. it was a black tie event so I have to appear in my penguin suit.
there was a silent auction of Olympic posters and other paraphernalia with proceeds going to the Sichuan earthquake fund and other charities.
We place bids for the Nagano and Berlin Winter Olympics which we thought were quite nice, but we were quickly outbidded
there was a serious bidding war for some popular posters and some guests were quite serious about winning their bid
In the end, we went home with a signed Ryan Giggs poster. I'm a Giggs fan and this season Man U had done the double by winning both the league and Champions League. too bad that Giggs will probably fade out and retire soon.
First Nations native americans performed during the dinner. they were here for the Canadian pavilion at Tiananmen promoting the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. I thot it was interesting that the native american groups were promoting their culture and music in China and Asia since Native Americans shared a common cultural and genetic heritage with us Asians.


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