Wednesday, May 14, 2008

blood donation crowds in Beijing

I was passing by Wangfujing (Beijing's busy shopping mall district) during lunch time and spotted a large crowd in front of the mobile blood donation bus. it seems that the Beijing people was rallying to donate blood for the earthquake victims in Sichuan. I counted at least 50 people lining up and filling up the forms. this was just before 2pm and there was still many people waiting.
I was very impressed by this scene as usually the bus would be more or less empty, and more so because blood donation in China has a bad rep due to poor peasants in rural areas selling their blood and getting infected with HIV in return. even "blood donation" here is termed "giving blood without compensation" (无偿献血) as opposed to getting paid for your blood.

Update: due to overwhelming response Beijing Blood Bank is now asking donors to register and wait for call up when there is need for more blood.


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