Monday, April 28, 2008

Olympic Megastructure

Last week, I was very lucky to get inside the "Bird Nest" National Stadium and the "Water Cube" National Aquatics Center, the two iconic Olympic megastructures for a sneak peak. view from the wide VIP gallery...
this will probably be the closest I could get the the Olympic venues since we would be very busy running around during the BOG itself.
the Bird Nest was very impressive since this was the first time I was actually inside. we could only view the construction project from afar on past visits for the last three years. Looking at the spectator stands I could tell that the unobstructed view would be excellent for soccer matches.
the Bird Nest stadium dwarf our own National Stadium. it is so huge that our vehicles could drive right into the stadium through a internal concourse to the basement carpark in the bowels of the megastructure.
this sign board showed how many levels there are!
we went next door to the Water Cube. again this was the first time I got inside the cube. the gloomy skies and poor lighting, plus my dinky point n shoot did not do justice to this magnificent building.
there is water moat surrounding the cube.
Ian Thorpe this way! hopefully our Singapore swim team can do well!
Inside the bubble! many visitors were gleefully pressing the ETFE polymer bubbles near the entrance. they should install some electric current to zap pesky buggers...
natural lighting coming from above inside the swimming pools. very impressive. the building will be even more beautiful when it is lighted up at night! even now many coach loads of Chinese "tourists" would stop outside the nearby highway to take pictures.

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