Saturday, February 02, 2008

cold weather sports

A few of us had been playing basketball in the winter cold for the past couple of weeks. this saturday the weather in Beijing was exceptional fine despite the winter cold. There was a clear blue sky and the sun was out even though it was 3C. Only when the wind picked up that we felt really cold. It was hard to imagine that the rest of China in the South and Central was suffering from the freak snow storm.
It was very different playing basketball in winter. the good thing was that you don't sweat unlike Singapore. the downside was stiff fingers and trying hard to warm up stiff muscles.
As typical Singaporeans, we had to refuel after the game with prata, curry and satay at a Singapore/Malaysian restaurant out in the suburbs.
Just outside the restaurant was a frozen fish pond. A Chinese was patiently ice-fishing there.


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