Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Robina and her steak escapade

I exaggerate of course, but it probably seems to Robina that she devoured 7 pieces of steak today. She had lunch with her frens at a French Bistro, one of those that serve quite value-for-money set lunches for RMB65. She ordered a fillet steak (medium rare) while Joyce ordered medium. It came but it was relatively well-done (while Joyce's steak was quite bloody). Joyce sent hers back but she just took Robina's not-so-bloddy steak. What pissed her off was that the waiter had earlier assured her that her steak was medium-rare. Robina asked for her steak to be replaced since it was too well-done. But another waitress asked if she could bring the steak back to fix it in the kitchen. In the end, the restaurant replaced the steak. But it was well-done, the staff had to quickly run out and told Robina that this steak was not hers but ordered by her frens. this was after Robina had cut up the steak. It was still well-done...

Later on, when they decided to order the drinks in their set, they were told that the warm water that they had earlier was actually mineral water, part of the set's drinks! It was only after kicking up a fuss that they were allowed to order the usual drinks.

This evening we were at an official dinner, and guess what, we were served steak for one of the courses. and of course, a piece of sea cucumber flew off Robina's plate and landed on her blouse.

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