Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hong Kong eating n shopping

Robina and I was in Hong Kong from 7 to 10 Dec for a short break. especially for Robina, she needs to detox and get away from Beijing. Even as we land we thot that the HK skyline was hazy from the smog. Hey, not much better from the Beijing pea soup that we are trying to escape from! turns out that the next two days were the worst in terms of pollution in HK for a long while. even a pollution monitor in busy Central district broke up (in protest?). but even with the pollution in HK, we still found the air much fresher then BJ. everything is relative, I guess.

Robina outside Times Square mall. Hong Kong is a shopping paradise (Robina) and makan heaven (for me). Robina went crazy at shopping joints like Uni Glo, Muji or even Esprit n Giordano. needless to say there was a lot of plunder. It helped Robina to fulfill her shopping for Christmas presents.

Me with what's left of our roast suckling pig. Food was a joy in HK. simple fare, like the ubiquitous Cha Chan Teng milk tea or Cantonese style porridge and wanton mee was delicious across the board. In between meals we could still stuff ourselves with Herbal tea, desserts and Gui Ling Gao jelly.


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