Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sally and the weasels in the garden

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just came back from walking Sally downstairs in the garden and Sally was very proud of herself. Since it was late night I let her off leash and she scamper off ahead to find a suitable smelling spot to conduct her business. As I heard some rustling in the bushes, it must be the neighbourhood cat or our resident weasel. Before u know it, Sally plunged into the bushes round the corner and out popped a startled weasel from the bushes about 2 metres ahead of me. It looked wonderful in its fluffy cream coloured winter coat. In lightning speed, the surprised weasel cleared the foot path and disappeared into the other end of the garden. that was enough to throw off the hot dog on its tail.

Last month during a similar night walk, Sally dived into another patch of bushes to flush out two weasels. It must be her terrier instincts and she was quite good at squirming into the tight bushes and the ensuing racket will generally flush out anything inside. In process, she will pick up and odd twig or spiky pine needles and I have to wipe her down thoroughly when I bring her back home.

someone else with weasels in his garden.


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