Sunday, May 20, 2007

traditional Katong kopitiam

just saw a docu on CNA about a traditional Hainanese kopitiam in Katong: Chin Mee Chin (204 East Coast Road, off Chapel Road). you know the kind that is famous for roasting their own coffee beans, making their own bread and kaya. even though its a very small kopitiam, the place is so popular that the regulars let themselves in via the back door, early in the morning even before they open the front door.
Robina and I was drooling from the sight of their home-made kaya, the brown colour type with no colouring and preservatives. they slap it on thickly on their home-made round bread buns. they make their own cream puff and pastries too!

desperate and hungry, we quickly dug up our emergency kaya supply and made kaya toast! must drop by Katong to visit CMC the next time we return to Singapore!

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