Monday, May 14, 2007

Sally going into heat

Sally has been very lethargic and sleeps even more than normal. over the weekend, we discovered why: she's going to be in heat. Sally has been following six month cycle. her last heat was in previous Nov. over the past two days, she was dripping a few drops of blood.

when we returned home this evening, Sally was splashing blood droplets everywhere during her welcome tail shaking and running around in excitement. CSI would have a preplexing time analysing the blood splashes!

Robina decided to put Sally into her "Flashy Pants" complete with sanitary napkins! Sally's morale was even lower after the indignity of being forced to wear the red polka dot pants. but she also did not enjoy the discomfort of the discharge clotting her fur and wee-wee.
We did not "fix" Sally since we did not want to mutilate her for our convenience. Most vets encourage sterilisation due to the concerns of unwanted puppies, but that's OK with us since we will not breed her and we don't let her run around freely. when she was a puppy we believed that she should grow up normally with her physiology intact. Sally only drip for about 10 days. during that time, it could be a bit messy but we just cover our sofa (back in Singapore) with a throw-over rug.


At 11:06 PM, Blogger Sivasothi said...

Oooh, lucky Sally! We pondered over this for the cats but figured male cats will go nuts later in life cooped in a small flat. Sigh, still feel guilty about it.


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