Monday, May 07, 2007

long-lost friend

Mac Meetup at Geek Terminal
I was reading Siva's report on the latest mac meet-up in Singapore when I spotted a familiar face in the photo albums. a quick check confirmed that it was indeed my TJC classmate Danny Pang, one of the partners at Geek Terminal. Danny didn't look that much different (minus the goatee though) compared to the good old days, which was why I could spot him easily. turns out that another partner, Martin's sister is a mutual friend of Siva and also my colleague. really a small world!

Danny was my partner in crime back in JC when we were in the Students Council together. we sneaked into the JC building to watch 86 World Cup on a portable TV. a whole bunch of us TJC boys enlisted together and ended up in the same BMT company or even platoon. Danny and I was together in the same platoon and section.

will definitely drop by Geek Terminal when I return to S'pore and catch up on war stories!