Saturday, May 12, 2007

lab BBQs

it seems like Joelle has been upholding the tradition of BBQs outside Ecolab (I see the familiar balcony). although we don have such an ya-ya grill last time!

We used to have such a well-oiled operation that we could whip out a sumptious BBQ (not just chicken wings n frozen frankfurter type) at literally a moment's notice, be it to celebrate finishing a thesis, welcoming/sending off visiting researchers or just plain no excuse at all (i.e. displacement activity for postgrads who should be doing their thesis).

the BBQ stand-by kit is always there: charcoal, BBQ pit (improvised baking tray balanced on two bricks) and tongs etc. the food is always top-notch. Cynthia could be counted on to a spring a whole salmon from the importer. Oi Yee will always provide the wheels to swing by HV Cold Storage to load up on food. Tommy's trusty drink dispenser would be filled up with ice and orange squash.

lest Joelle don know, generations of Molecular students from the opposite S1A block had nearly been pushed off the brink of despair when they are burning mid-might oil for their experiments while they see the BBQ fires stoked up by care-free Biodiversity types (yet again), swigging beer and BBQing chicken-wings in the S2 balcony. We only knew when Robina and Faith told us about this...


At 4:45 PM, Blogger The Plumber said...

Yep. Some traditions are stuck on.

They installed smoke detectors on the corridor ceiling though. We had to use nnk's mini fan clipped onto a trolley handle direct the smoke AWAY from them detectors.

Mdm Loy saw us getting the fire started, but chose to sit at the farthest side of the garden, feigning ignorance. (she's the er.. fire safety officer, you see)

At 11:04 PM, Blogger Sivasothi said...

Nice one! Yeah I remember going to Norskan to get a whole salmon and de-scaling itin the washing area where we used to clean our gear! This was before I learn about Bayen's research!


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