Monday, May 21, 2007

beef noodles

wandered into the new shopping mall near our place and found this new makan joint: Master Kong's Chef Table. Master Kong is an famous and established brand of instant noodles in China, much like Maggi Mee in Singapore. it's a Taiwanese company that managed to capture a big slice of the pie. Some of our frens from singapore who visited us in Beijing, became hooked onto this brand of instant noodles. We usually bring a few packs in our suitcase when we fly back to pass to our frens.
So you can imagine that most people would wonder if the food inside would taste like maggi mee? Robina was skeptical but we went in to try anyway. their specialty was Taiwanese style beef noodles. it turned out that the soup gravy was delicious and the noodles al dente. the beef was nice and tender! so we had made the right choice after all.


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