Sunday, April 22, 2007

please don spike my food!

Sally up in arms against contaminated pet food! showing them the finger!

first the scare over wheat gluten, and now melamine in rice protein concentrates has led to an expanding FDA list of recalled pet foods. earlier, Royal Canin (Sally's brand of dry food) was not on the list and then came reports of dogs in South Africa dying. Now even Royal Canin USA had made a voluntary recall even though they stressed that there were no confirmed cases of illness affecting pets eating their brand. Sally's food was on the "safe" list (so far).

in any case, Sally is on a half fresh food, half pellet diet. She gets a meat stew (either chicken or beef) with vegies, supplemented with one meal of pellets for minerals and nutrients. If need be, we can switch Sally to all-fresh food, not that she will compain!

there were reports that suggest melamine was added to raise the protein content in quality tests. if this was true, this would bring bad image and publicity to China products, not just in food industries. especially now there were concerns that the products might have entered the human food chain. FDA is now investigating. with the globalised industrial product chain, such incidents will be more common with an ingredient produced from the other end of the world affecting consumers worldwide. previous food scares affecting China (too many to list) could be "exported" to the world.

What I'm puzzled with is why can't they make pet food with "REAL" food and not wheat gluten and rice protein. the short answer is that pet foods, like most processed food for human consumption are made with many chemical and processed ingredients. just read the labels. only when food scares happen then consumer will jump up in shock.
"please don spike my food!" I'm just a dog and meal times are my few pleasures...