Saturday, March 10, 2007

pork knuckle

I experimented with making roast pork knuckle, minus sauerkraut though. followed a simple recipe, boiling the knuckle in broth (chicken stock, chopped onions, carrots and garlic with vinegar and beer) for an hour before roasting to make the skin crispy. glazed it with a honey and beer mixture to turn the knuckle golden-brown. turned out not too bad, the boiling kept the meat moist and avoided drying-out if I had simply roasted it direct. I added oven-roasted vegies (onions, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, fresh fennel and fennel bulbs) to the left-over broth to make a vege stew.
tossed in two drumsticks into the oven as well. Robina enjoyed the meal and so did Sally who got to try some of the meat for dinner.


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