Monday, December 25, 2006

mobile warrior

traipsed around the madness of Orchard area today lugging my iBook. searching for wireless. strangely, can't logon to wireless@sg at Plaza Singapura or Takashimaya. must be too many users since I had no problems at Tampines Mall or Century Square in the eastern side of S'pore. strangely PS and Taka not that many people as expected. there were cabs avail in the PS taxi queue at 2pm. the crowds must be outside in Orchard Rd for the X'mas street party. now blogging from Tampines Mall food court, also madness in terms of crowds.

contemplated buying a High Sierra day-pack with a laptop compartment for the iBook.

dilemma now: Burger King or Mos burger, both not available in Beijing. Robina quaffing a bowl of "ban mian", also not available in BJ despite in being a Mainland Chinese concoction sold in S'pore.

weather relatively cool with frequent showers. we are quite comfy despite the almost 30C temperature difference between BJ and S'pore.

people I bumped into so far:
2. ZXY
1. KMY

SS will be leading a landing party of Swedish Vikings from the Gotheburg to visit Pulau Ubin tomorrow morning, probably for their shore leave. denizens of Ubin have been warned...

I can't joined them since I have a medical check-up in the morning. maybe in the afternoon, can meet for kopi in Changi Village...


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