Sunday, December 03, 2006

instant soya bean curd

We had dinner at Toufu House at Fortune Plaza. Despite the name it was not a pure vegetarian place. Some dishes have meat (chicken, fish or pork) but every dish have some form of soya or bean curd. The chef came in to prepare their signature bean curd dish right at our table.
He poured the soya bean milk and allowed it to coagulate for 3 minutes. They don use gypsum here but use an extract from grapes (probably tartaric acid). It was suppose to make it easier for our body to absorb the soya protein.
We could choose to have sweet, savoury or spicy versions. different conditions like honey, sesame, soya sauce, spring onions, vinegar or chilli oil could be added. this is the savoury version.
the girls liked the sweet version.


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